The SLP Hub Community

"It is a community of happy SLPs who are not on the community pages to vent nor complain but to uplift one another and mentor each other in different domains of the field as well as provide resources. It is a fantastic avenue, in my opinion, for recruitment and retention in the field. And there's such a rich range of years of practice. It is not very often you get to pick the brain of a clinician that both practices and researches who has 40 years of experience."
-T Lassiter, MA, CCC-SLP 

All Basic and Professional subscribers can access to our private online community that houses a variety of discussion threads, Deep Dive study groups, 1:1 consulting calls with industry experts, and our Career Center.

Our invited moderators will facilitate the discussions to offer support and guidance, and you’ll have a peers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to lean on! This is what most people are familiar with when it comes to online communities, particularly Facebook groups. However, our private community doesn’t come with the judgment, the drama, or the random platform shutdowns that no one can predict or control.

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